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Baby Bag

Baby Bag

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Let us alleviate the stress of last-minute shopping by supplying you or a loved one with "must-haves" for the journey ahead.


Each bag contains hand-picked essentials that every new mom needs, selected by professional Paediatricians, delivered to your door.

Inside this beautiful bag you will receive:

  • 26 Huggies nappies (new-born)

  • 80 Bennett Baby Wipes

  • 50 cotton wool balls

  • 2 pack breast pads

  • 12 maternity pads

  • 50ml surgical spirits

  • 75g Bennett’s Bum Cream

  • 150ml aqueous cream

  • 150ml JJ Petroleum jelly

  • 100ml Pure Skin Cleanser

  • 2 stretch maternity panties


  • Do I have to make an appointment for my Mind Matters consultation?
    No. Our registered mental healthcare professionals are available 24/7.
  • Can I choose which mental health professional I speak with for my virtual consultation?
    No. Once you enter the Intercare Online Clinic, you will be allocated to the next available Clinical Psychologist. However, the Psychologist will be able to see certain prior history and information captured during your previous Mind Matters visits to the Intercare Online Clinic, which helps them provide you with more personalised and informed care.
  • Will my information be private and confidential?
    Yes, none of your information will be shared with anyone else without your permission and will be treated as highly confidential.
  • What if I don't receive the documentation that should have been sent to me following the consultation, like a sick note or referral letter?
    Please contact Intercare Customer Support at: Tel: 086 999 0669 / 012 368 8958 Email:
  • If I am already receiving treatment for mental health concerns, do I still qualify for this service?
    Yes, you do.
  • What kind of issues can be addressed with this virtual consultation?
    - Stress and anxiety - Trauma - Bereavement - Emotional problems - Struggles with significant life events - Depression - Burnout
  • How do I access my virtual consultation?
    1.Go to the Intercare website at on any device with access to the internet. 2. Click on the “Log in” or “Sign up” buttons to access your HealthBeat user account 3. Selected the correct user’s profile, then click on “Dashboard” in the menu 4. Click on the “Mental Health” tile on the dashboard 5. Click the “Learn more” button on the “Explore online mental health support” tile 6. Click the “Subscribe” button on the “Monthly” tile 7. Accept the Intercare Online Health Services Terms of Use 8. Select “Voucher code” as your payment method 9. Enter your voucher number in the field provided and click “Proceed” 10. Click “Continue” once your voucher has been validated 11. Click the “Start Chat” button on the “Chat with a Mental Health professional” tile. 12. Once within the Digital Clinic, click “Start new discussion” and follow the prompts to chat with a Mental Health professional. - To access the service again during your voucher’s validity period, you will follow the same process as above excluding step 6 to 10.
  • Can I purchase this service for someone else?
    Yes, you may gift this service to another individual to redeem. If this service is provided a part of an employment benefit, please refer to your company’s policy for more information.
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